Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hair Bow Holders

My daughter has a large collection of hair bows for her hair, which end up all over the house.  I have seen lots of ideas that I wanted to make that would hold her bows, but just never got around to making them until a few weeks ago.  At the end of the summer we took a family trip to Kansas City and while we were there we went to the Strawberry Swing Festival, so I could meet a couple of the ladies I have gotten to know online that are in the handmade business like me.  One of them was Melanie, from Violet's Buds, and she makes some of the cutest hair clips, which we have several of them.  When we went to her booth I loved how she had them all displayed on pictures frames.  After the festival Melanie wrote a blog post on her blog, Violet's Buds, on how to make them which you can find here.  I decided these are  the ones I have to make, so I gathered my supplies and made my own.  The one thing I did differently is I used scrap book paper instead of fabric. Here is a look at mine, and go check out Melanie's blog to see how to make your own.

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  1. They turned out adorable! I love your paper & ribbon choices, they are so much fun with the bows you have!