Thursday, November 14, 2013

Landon's Toy Box

I found Landon's Toy Box that is owned and run by Holly through my handmade communities online.  Immediately I fell in love with the peg people that she makes and sells.  She even can custom make some of them to your liking with your color and hair style choice, eye color, and more depending on which peg person you are wanting.  She makes a train conductor and princesses that can be custom made that I saw and put on my Christmas list to get the kids since I have a train and princess lover. When I got the peg people I loved them and could not wait to give them to the kids.  The kids loved them and have been using them a lot in their creative play. Here are the kids with the peg people they got.

Now the peg people in action.

 The princess hanging out with other princesses!

Mr. Train Conductor keeping an eye on the trains!

Mr. Train Conductor checking on Toby!

Take a few minutes and go check out Landon's Toy Box. She is always coming up with new peg people to make. You can find her on Facebook at Landon's Toys Box, and her shop can be found on Storenvy here.

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