Thursday, January 9, 2014

January Photo Challenge 1-9

I think monthly photo challenges are so fun so once again I am going to try one. Here is the photo challenge I am participating in this month.

Day 1 - New - My new monster!

Day 2 - Old- One of the first monsters I ever made.

Day 3 - Favorite color - Blue like this hippo!
Day 4 - Least favorite color - lime green like this monster
Day 5 - Lists - My list of things to make so far this year!
Day 6 - Notes - Thank you note cards we are writing for gifts.
Day 7 - Package - I got all of this in a package from my Secret Santa.
Day 8 - Colorful - My most colorful owl!
Day 9 - Black - This was hard because I don't do much in black.




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