Saturday, December 1, 2012

Custom Order Stockings

I had to share with you all this custom order I did for a customer.  She had ordered monsters from me about a month ago for each of her boys for Christmas.  One day I asked on my Facebook page what would everyone like to see me crochet.  Her response was stockings, because she was having trouble finding stockings that were the same in all her boys favorite colors.  I took on the challenge and made the stockings with a free pattern I found from Red Heart and just tweaked it a bit. Then she asked if I could put their first initial on each of their stockings, and I said sure.  I made the patterns for each of these letters on my own, which I am very proud of.  The M and W took a little work but I figured it out.  The boys have seen a picture all ready of the stockings and they loved them.  Can't wait to see pictures of them with their stockings and monsters this Christmas!

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