Friday, February 22, 2013

Art of Animation Hotel

When we were down at Disney World we stayed at the new Art of Animation in the Little Mermaid area.  They have a Nemo, Lion King, and Cars section too which are all suites. Never being to Disney World before I was shocked how big the hotel was.  When we went inside to check in it was beautiful! Loved all the pictures of all the characters from the movies that are represented at the hotel on the walls.  Check in was very fast and efficient for how large of a hotel it is. Our room was one of the farthest from the front area of the hotel and bus services but we survived.  I have to say our view was beautiful! We had a view of the lake behind the hotel and could see the hotel Pop Century that is across the lake. My daughter loves princesses so that is why we stayed in the Little Mermaid rooms.  Then we visited all the other sections especially Cars since my son loves them. In the main building where you check in they had a shop, a game room, and large restaurant where there were so many choices of things to eat.  Each day the hotel had activities planned for any of the hotel guests that wanted to stay at the hotel for the day.  We took part in the movie nights a couple nights when we were back early that was hosted in the Lion King area outside. There were beautiful pools in all the themed areas but the Lion King that went along with the themes.  We did not use any of them since I forget our swimsuits.  The management was great to work with since we did have an issue with a bag going missing from our room.  They immediately tried to replace what was in the bag, but when they couldn't they gave me cash so I could replace what was in the bag.  If you have any questions about the hotel feel free to ask and I will answer them for you.  Now here are some pictures from the hotel that I took.

The kids laying in bed.

 The outside of our buildings in the Little Mermaid area.

My daughter in front of Ariel in the Little Mermaid area.

The kids with Prince Eric in the Little Mermaid area.

One of the many figures from the Lion King area.

One of the many figures from the Nemo area.

My son with one the Cars from the Cars area.  You can see one of the Nemo buildings in the background.

Another picture from the Cars area with my son.

Our beautiful view from our room.

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