Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Bathroom Towel Holders

I was needing something that would look cute and be easy for my young kids to use to hang their towels in their bathroom instead of them being thrown on the floor. Here is what I made.

All you need is some wood plaques, paint, wooden letters, and some hooks from the hardware store. This is what the wooden plaques looked like when I got them at Michaels. You can do any size or shape that you would like. I chose the rectangle and square to go with the shelves I bought for the other side of the bathroom. 
The plaques might need a bit of sanding if there are any rough edges. Then choose what color you would like to paint them. It took me 2 coats of paint to cover these. This is after my first coat. I chose black once again to match the shelves, so you can choose what color will work best for you.
Here are my plaques finished with two coats. Then I bought some letters to stand for my kids and painted them in blue since that is one of my accent colors in the bathroom. I bought these wood letters at Michaels also, and they have a variety of style of letters you can pick from depending on what you like best.
I then attached the hooks to each plaque and hot glued the letters to the top of the plaques.



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