Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How We Help The Environment

Doing things to help save the environment has always been important to me, but I have not always done everything I can to help. I am working on doing as much as I can these days to help our environment when it comes to our daily lives.

The number one thing we have done as a family is always recycle. Since my kids were 2 and 3 years old they have known all about recycling and what all can be recycled. There are times they have to remind me that something is recyclable that I try to put in the trash. We also try to reuse as many things as we can. For example, I have started saving all my scrap pieces of yarn no matter how small they are to use for stuffing some of the items I make in my store.

Then I have introduced two new products into our house to reduce the use of trash that are handmade products. One is reusable cloth bags to take food to school instead of using plastic baggies. The kids love that their food is in fun bags compared to their friends at school. They know they bring them back home so they can be cleaned and reused again.

Bags from Cloth Bliss
I just got these bags for my son since he will start kindergarten in the fall, when I won a credit to Cloth Bliss. She had to make these for me and I can't believe how fast they were ready and shipped to us. They are nice and sturdy and I love the zippers so I don't have to worry about the food spilling out.
Bags from Funky Monkey
I got this one and some others from Funky Monkey over a year ago for my daughter this past year. These bags Velcro close. I have been using them for 7 months and they still look new. They are well made and easy to clean.
The most recent thing I have done is to buy some unsponges that I use to clean with around the house. I love that you can wash and reuse them, which is better then regular sponges you have to throw away after you use it. Plus I find it much more enjoyable to clean with these unsponges.
Unsponges from Nature Junkie
I love using my unsponges, and look for things to clean just so I can use them. They have all ready been washed several times and I can't even tell that they have been used afterwards. Besides these unsponges she also makes unpaper towels, and reusable bowl covers. If you want to get some you have to be fast on purchasing them when she stocks because they sell out quickly!
Next up I am looking forward to getting some unpaper towels that will replace the paper towels we buy. Unpaper towels can be washed and reused just like the unsponges. I have to say we go through way to many paper towels. Then some reusable bowl covers for my bowls that don't have lids, so I can eliminate plastic wrap.
What are some things you do that are eco-friendly?


  1. we've recycled for years, and are trying to use less paper towels and plastic bags. my husband rides a scooter in decent weather that gets 100 mpg.
    Our garden is organic, and we are have been using the no-till method for several years now. Its great to get food that is chemical free, and by growing it ourselves we are also lowering food costs.

    1. Last year we did strawberries and lots of herbs. Hoping to slowly add to it each year.

  2. We use cloth diapers, cloth napkins, unpaper towels and most of the time I remember to bring the reusable shopping bags in the store with us. :)