Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Featured Shop Wednesday: Stitches by Ashley Nicole

Welcome to this weeks Featured Shop Stitches by Ashley Nicole!
Tell me a bit about yourself.
Hi! I'm Ashley Nicole, the WAHM behind Stitches by Ashley Nicole. I have a two year old little boy, PGS, and my second boy is due in August 2014! I learned counted cross stitch and how to hand sew as a child, but didn't have much interest until I was bored and unemployed during my first pregnancy. I started with wanting to make cloth diapers for PGS and then branched out to other products as friends asked me to make custom things for them. Eventually I started my facebook page and then shop on Storenvy, and the early stages were focused on children's items.
Tell me about your shop and what you make?
Stitches by Ashley Nicole is a handmade shop selling cute, fun and functional items for the home. We sell coasters, pot holders/trivets and placemats. A more detailed list of products and potential items to be added can be found here:
What inspires you to make what you make?
I'm not sure if I can call it inspired per se, but I like to make the products and the positive feedback that I receive from customers is what motivates me to keep making things.
Anything else you would like the readers to know about your shop or what you make?
When shipping products, we use recycled boxes and hope that when the packages get to the recipient, it's recycled there, too.
Fun Questions
Favorite Color: It's a tie between blue and purple, I really can't choose just one favorite.
Favorite TV Show: It's either Criminal Minds or Law & Order: SVU
Favorite Season: Fall/Autumn
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: depends on the day, but usually the chocolate versions of cookies and cream or chocolate chip cookie dough will make me happy
What did you want to be when you grew up? When I was a kid, I wanted to be a doctor when I grew up. Or an author. But mostly a doctor. I got to college and realized that I hate science courses and switched from a pre-med major to a [child] psych major.
If you could stock your fridge with one food, what would it be? Cream cheese! And since I do all the grocery shopping we always have cream cheese in the fridge (and bagels in the cupboard)!

Links to where you can be found.
Thank you Ashley for stopping by and sharing more about your shop! Take a minute and go check out her shop and come back and share your favorite item from her shop. My favorite is her green chevron coasters.

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  1. I absolutely love her new blue & yellow rose coasters. They're definitely my fave <3