Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year - 2015!

Welcome to a new year with possibilities for fresh starts and many new memories. After many years of making New Year Resolutions and not making it past January keeping them, I have decided to no longer make any. I am trying something new this year that I hope will help me at the end of 2015 see the year more positively.  Here it is:

It is a mason jar with positive phrases and words on it. You may ask, how is this going to help me. Well, throughout the year I am going to fill it with slips of paper with positive things that have happened, fun memories, cute sayings from my kids, and anything else that is positive. At the end of 2015 as a family we will sit down and read all the slips of paper that have been put in the jar, so we can remember what a great year it was as we get ready to enter 2016.

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