Saturday, March 21, 2015

Easter Goodies

Easter will be here in a couple weeks! Have you started figuring out what to fill those Easter baskets with this year. I have found some wonderful handmade items to put in your kids baskets.

Baby Chick Wooden Egg Toy 
This cute Chick Egg by Landon's Toy Box would be a fun addition to a basket or any of her other peg people.

Orangie John Bunny  
Orangie John Bunny by Kiser Krafts would be a great gift to put in any child's Easter basket or any of her other sock animals.

Frozen Princess Felt Embroidered Mask 
Frozen Princess Felt Embroidered Mask by Deboop shop would be a favorite of any little girl. Plus they carry a wide variety of other masks and cute felt "paper" dolls that would make a great Easter basket addition.

Medium Stuffed Monster - Urh 
Monster lovers would love to find a Monster like Urh from Lu & Ed in their basket. She carries monsters in a variety of sizes that you can choose from.

Custom Quackers
Quackers from Unique Creations by Tracy or any other stuffed animal would make a great gift to add to an Easter basket.

 Bath Crayon Stack-Flower 
These Flower Bath Crayon Stacks by Sudzy Bums would be a fun addition to any Easter Basket.

Mini Crayon Notebook - Jolly Farm - twistable crayon holder kid party favor crayon folder tractor crayon notebook wedding favor stocking
I love this mini crayon notebook by Paper From Heaven as a cute addition to an Easter Basket.

What do you put in your child's/children's Easter basket?