Monday, March 23, 2015

Make It Monday - Bunny Art

Today I will be sharing how I made this Bunny Art.

Supplies Needed: canvas (I used 8" by 8") , paint in your color choice (I used purple acrylic), bunny template, glue gun, pom pom in your color choice
1. Find a bunny template of your liking and cut it out (do a google search and you will find all kinds that you can print out). Place on canvas and paint over all the white canvas where there is no bunny.  

2. After you have painted the whole canvas remove the bunny template carefully. And it should look similar to below.

3. You will need to paint another coat over the whole canvas and paint the outer edges of the canvas. Also if you see some little mistakes of paint from removing your template fix those too, and then you should have a canvas like below.

4. Then all you will need to do is add a tail. Pick a color of pom pom you would like for the tail, and hot glue it on. Then your canvas will look like below and be all finished. 

Now you have a cute art piece to add to your Easter decor!

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