Monday, July 16, 2012

Stash Tea Superfruits Tea Sampler

Let me start this out stating that I am not a tea drinker. Even though I can't stand tea I tried one of the samples that came in the pack.  I love blueberries so I thought I would try the Blueberry Superfruit.  It smelled wonderful, but I did not like it at all.  The one plus about it was that it made my kitchen smell wonderful.  Since I knew I could not drink any of the others I gave them to my own mother that loves drinking tea.  She took reviewing these very seriously, so the following is the review on each kind of tea in the box in the words of  my mother.

Blueberry Superfruit - I do not taste any blueberries.  The blueberries only come in after taste.  The aroma is more pleasing then the taste.

Acai Berry - Did not enjoy at all.  Threw 3/4 of it down the drain.

Goji Berry Green Tea - I drank 1/2 hot and it was very pleasant tasting, good for a cold winter night.  The other 1/2 I drank like ice tea and it lost all its flavor.  The aroma of hot tea was calming, and when iced it was bitter.

Yumberry black Currant - Taste is best hot.  Armoa is light and has pleasant smell.  Ice tea loses its flavor and aroma.

Pomegranate Raspberry Green Tea - Smell was horrible.  Three swallows and dumped.  Taste lasted 1/2 hour to 45 minutes.  It was gross!

 Mangosteen Green Tea - I drank the first half hot, and it was passable with a slight pear taste.  Then tried it iced and did not like it at all.

The Stash Tea Superfruits were provided free to me by Influenster in a Mom VoxBox for an honest review.

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