Saturday, August 3, 2013

Happy Handmade Features

I have been periodically taking part in Happy Handmade at Daft Crafts blog.  This week I thought I would start sharing a few of my favorite items from the link up!

 Up first is this Superhero Doll from The Mollie Shop! I know quite a few boys that would love a superhero doll of their own.

Mollie Dollie - Super Mikey 

Next up is this very cute Copious Kelly Bag from Zeeuh.  I love the bags she makes, and this one is just so colorful and perfect for any mom on the go!

 Copious Kelly Bag

These turquoise tear drop earrings from Mystigail Adornments are one of my favorite colors! I have to say I love all the jewelry that she makes!

 Wire Wrapped Turquoise Tear Drops

I picked this next item for my son because he is a train fanatic. Landon's Toy Box is a store I have been just introduced to this week! She makes peg people for kids, and isn't this train conductor perfect for train lovers! 
Customizable Train Conductor Peg Person 

Hope you take a few minutes and check out these awesome shops! Stay tuned next week for some more great handmade items.


  1. Great product line up! Love all of your choices!