Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Own Worst Enemy: How To stop Holding Yourself Back by Janet Davis - Review

I saw this book on a list of books available to review and thought "Wow that would be perfect for me to read!"  The author, Janet Davis, writes about breaking down the destructive cycle of shame and self-doubt that a lot of women deal with through lessons from women today, biblical women and her own stories.  I have been dealing myself with a lot of self-doubt lately and thought this book would be perfect for me to read.  I really enjoyed how she related everything to both women today and women in biblical times.  Before reading this I never saw that the women from biblical times dealt with a lot of the same issues that we do today.  Each chapter includes some very thought provoking questions to think about and answer for yourself.  Some chapters I felt didn't pertain to me as much as others so I didn't get into them as in depth as the the chapters I thought pertained to my life.  I did find the book to be very helpful in certain areas of my life, and plan to keep the book to refer back to in the future if I find myself having these issues or other issues addressed in the book again in my life.  The book would make a great women's small group study, and I feel that I probably would get much more out of it if I read and discussed this with a group of women rather then on my own like I did.

Disclaimer:  This book was provided free to me from Bethany House Publishers to read and review.

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