Thursday, May 24, 2012

Last Day of First Year Preschool

I can't believe the first year has come to an end. M has had great year with Mrs. D and Mrs. S. I couldn't have asked for better teachers. When I uploaded her picture from today I looked back at her picture from her first day of school last year.  I can not believe how much she has grown and changed.  It brought me to tears how fast my first born is growing up.  Sometimes I wish she would stay little forever. Here are the pictures from her first day and her last day so you can see how much she has changed.

M on her first day of school. This picture brings back so many memories. I was so excited for her but sad at the same time that I was sending her off to school.  She was my little girl that was very attached to me and not use to being left with anyone other than grandparents and aunts. That day she amazed me so much, she just walked into her classroom without turning around and saying bye to me or her dad.

Here is M today on her last day of school! She was so excited it was her last day.  I on the other hand was not so excited.  Now we have a couple of months of summer to spend together, then it is back to the same school for M and she will be in Junior Kindergarten since she misses the cutoff for Kindergarten by 10 days.  A will be starting here also, so I will have a few hours to myself a couple days of week. I guess we will just enjoy the summer for now with all the fun activities we have planned.


  1. Oh how exciting! My oldest will be in 3rd and my youngest will be in kindergarten. This fall I'll have my days, that will be weird but nice. Both my kids were so excited when they started preschool that they forgot to say good bye too.