Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Pinterest Project #1

I finally get to start sharing the projects I have been working on from pinterest. The first one was a fun one for my kids.

Marshmallow Paint. Made with real marshmallows! Completely edible.

I got the marshmallows out and told the kids we were going to paint with them, and they thought I was crazy. We followed the directions to make the paint and it turned out great. The kids had so much fun painting with it and I even tried it out. Here are a few pictures I took.

Here is the red paint.

Time to paint.
 One of my daughter's pictures. It is raining lots of colors.

 This is the picture I was working on to try out the paint.

The kids loved doing this activity and painted quite a few pictures. After they dried I stacked the pictures which is not a good idea come to find out. When the paint dries it is still sticky afterwards and the pictures will stick together if you stack them. Luckily, I was careful and got them apart without any damage. We will be doing this again!

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