Thursday, August 14, 2014

Where Have I Been?

I had planned to share with all of you the pinterest challenge I have been doing and much more this month. Well I took my laptop with me on vacation to check in periodically but my hubby ended up dropping my computer and the fan broke. With the fan broke when I tried using my computer it made a horrible noise and would freeze every two minutes. While on vacation we ordered the part so it would be at home when we got back, but the place we ordered it from did not tell us it was backordered. Since, getting home I had to use my old computer that the kids have now that freezes a lot also. The couple of blog posts I have made since vacation each took about an hour to complete and then multiple tries to get it to post, so I decided to only write up the posts for Featured Shops and Handmade Featured Friday. We got the part this week and I am now finally writing using my laptop, so expect to start seeing some blog posts that I had planned on writing the last few weeks.

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