Friday, August 29, 2014

Handmade Featured Friday: Chevron

Thanks to everyone that shared items and everyone that checked out the items linked up last week. Now let's see the top two viewed items from Green week and my top two.

Top 2 Viewed Items:

Sugar in Leaf Small Cosmetic Bag, Makeup Bag, Travel Bag, Gadget Case, Bridesmaid Gift, Zipper Pouch, Makeup Pouch

Sundress, beach cover up, sea life. Ocean,frogs, toddler dress 

My top 2 favorite items:

Thank You Fimo Keyring 

Happy Little Tree fabric covered pin back button 

Now onto this week's theme. Share two handmade items that are chevron print.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Pinterest Project #3

Next up was another recipe to try that I found on Pinterest!

Easy Cinnamon Roll Twists on the perfect snack, dessert, or even breakfast! 

The kids helped me make this one!

The recipe was so easy to follow.

This is what they looked like after being cooked!

It is hard to tell but this is one with the icing on it afterwards.

They were a big hit with my kids! I had lots of homemade icing leftover so I saved it and used it to dip the twists into. Even as leftovers the next day they still tasted great! I have to say I think I enjoyed these much more then the store bought cinnamon rolls we get for weekend breakfasts.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Happy Handmade Week 77

Time for another week of Happy Handmade favorites! You can find the link up at Daft Crafts. Here are my top three favorites from this week.

Up first this beautiful necklace! I love all the necklaces she makes.

She turned her cants into can & dreams into plans 

I love everything in this next shop. Great handmade items to get for the kids in your life.

Felt Unpaper Doll Starter Set 

I love wreaths for the front door especially this one.

Boo Burlap Wreath 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Handmade Featured Friday: Green

Thanks to everyone that shared items and everyone that checked out the items linked up last week. Now let's see the top two viewed items from Wearable week and my top two.

Top 2 Viewed Items:

Eyes of a Fox | Earring and Bracelet Set

"Mileena" shawlette,OOAK 

My top 2 favorite items:

Grey Cat's Eye Teardrop 

ON SALE Infinity Scarf, Handmade Turtle Wave Flannel Scarf, blue purple, turquoise, aqua, white 8.5 in X 86 inches around. 

Now onto this week's theme. Share two handmade items that are the color green!


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Pinterest Project #2

Crushed new potatoes looked like a fun new way to make potatoes for dinner.

Crushed New Potatoes. These potatoes are so easy to make, a really great addition to any meal. Would also be good with sweet potatoes! 

The recipe was very easy to follow and I doubled it for my family of four. When it came to crushing the potatoes, my first potato went flying off the tray. I was more careful with the rest of the potatoes. The bigger the potato the harder it was to crush so I had to put them back in the boiling water for a bit longer.

Here they are crushed. You can tell some worked better then others.

Here is the yummy potato!

They turned out really good. My 5 year old enjoyed them and usually does not eat potatoes unless they are french fries. Hubby and I loved them and finished them all up.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Pinterest Project #1

I finally get to start sharing the projects I have been working on from pinterest. The first one was a fun one for my kids.

Marshmallow Paint. Made with real marshmallows! Completely edible.

I got the marshmallows out and told the kids we were going to paint with them, and they thought I was crazy. We followed the directions to make the paint and it turned out great. The kids had so much fun painting with it and I even tried it out. Here are a few pictures I took.

Here is the red paint.

Time to paint.
 One of my daughter's pictures. It is raining lots of colors.

 This is the picture I was working on to try out the paint.

The kids loved doing this activity and painted quite a few pictures. After they dried I stacked the pictures which is not a good idea come to find out. When the paint dries it is still sticky afterwards and the pictures will stick together if you stack them. Luckily, I was careful and got them apart without any damage. We will be doing this again!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Jordan Essentials Bath Body - Brittney

Today I am going to share with you a business that is not handmade but it is a great business that sells bath and body items made with natural items and no additives for your body. I was introduced to it by a friend I met online and I have bought and used several items that I now love using on a daily basis.

Naturally Gorgeous with Jordan Essentials

Tell me a bit about yourself.
 I'm a Stay at Home Mom to an almost 3 year old daughter. We are just starting out with homeschooling (like PRE-preschool for her, haha!) and she really loves it.

Tell me a bit about your business and why you chose it?
I have always been very concerned with what my family and I eat and the products we put on our bodies, so I tend to lean towards truly natural and organic food and products. I have always had a hard time finding skin care products I could use without irritation because I have very sensitive skin, as does my husband and our daughter. I discovered Jordan Essentials through an online group Make Life Beautiful on my now team leader had posted about JE's skin relief lotion. I started talking to her and she started sending me samples. I tried a few things before I bought the skin relief lotion and the sweet cucumber melon body spritzer. Oh my goodness, I was amazed!! My daughter has keratosis pilaris (that bumpy skin kids are prone to) and when I used the skin relief lotion on her, the next morning her bumps were almost completely GONE! My own skin looked and felt great! I continued using the products without any bad reactions at all! I tried more products without any trouble so I signed up to be consultant and I love every minute of it!! The income helps my family get some extras we may not be able to do, like art classes for my daughter, and I just LOVE telling people about all of our wonderful products that really give great results without all those nasty harsh chemicals.

What are some of your favorite products?  
My favorite products are our Core 4 products, the products that are not only our best sellers, but beneficial to everyone in each home, no matter what the families skin care needs may be: Lotion bars are a solid 'bar' of lotion and it has many other uses. My daughter loves them because she can put the lotion on herself, haha! Our magnesium product line is AMAZING! I had some aching muscles in my shoulders from moving some heavy furniture and I rubbed some of the magnesium lotion on and almost instantly I felt better! The herbal support blends line comes in either a spritzer of essential oils or a roller ball applicator for easy use. My favorite is Slender, which is a blend of peppermint, orange and pink grapefruit, it benefits digestion and the metabolism, as well as relieving motion sickness and nausea. I suffer from motion sickness even in short car rides, but I just use a bit of the Slender roller ball and I don't have any problems at all! My husband likes to use our Peace blend to help him relax after a stressful work day. The last of our Core 4 products is our Skin Relief lotion, which I mentioned earlier. This stuff is really awesome: we went on vacation and my husband got a sunburn on his head, used the skin relief lotion that night and the next morning NO sunburn at all! It helps a multitude of skin problems and is unscented.

What do you want everyone to know about the products you sell?
My favorite things about Jordan Essential products is my family & I can use each & every product with no bad reactions, Their scents are derived from the actual ingredient itself and NO harmful additives. Their unscented products are 100% unscented!! No scent at all!! Most of the products have more than one way to be used and all have them have several benefits.

Webstore is

Check out her webstore and facebook to see more information on each of the wonderful products, what they are made of and how they work to make your skin and body better. I have been using the pedistick that is pictured above for over a month now. During the summer my feet are always so dry and cracking  from being barefoot and after using this on my feet every night before bed they look so much better.  Also, during the summer my skin on my arms can get very dry and flaky so I decided to try using the lotion bars they have because when using regular lotion I buy at the store it helps for  about an hour and then my arms are dry and flaky again. Since using the lotion bars my arms are staying moisturized and not getting flaky right away. I highly recommend to try theses products, and plan on buying many more of the products they offer.

* I have not been paid for reviewing these products, I purchased them on my own and used them.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Handmade Featured Friday: Wearable

Thanks to everyone that shared items and everyone that checked out the items linked up last week. I found some cute things I put on my wish list to get for my house. Now let's see the top two viewed items from For the Home week and my top two.

Top 2 Viewed Items:

Custom Home State Wood Sign, Any state,  Hand Painted Wood Sign, Housewarming Gift, home sweet home, rustic home decor

#530 Lathe-Turned Bowl of NC Hickory 

My top 2 favorite items:
Live Laugh Love Tile - 6x6

Princess Welcome Door Sign for Birthday Party 

Now onto this week's theme. Share two wearable items from your shop, so anything from clothes, jewelry, hair accessories, shoes, etc.!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Where Have I Been?

I had planned to share with all of you the pinterest challenge I have been doing and much more this month. Well I took my laptop with me on vacation to check in periodically but my hubby ended up dropping my computer and the fan broke. With the fan broke when I tried using my computer it made a horrible noise and would freeze every two minutes. While on vacation we ordered the part so it would be at home when we got back, but the place we ordered it from did not tell us it was backordered. Since, getting home I had to use my old computer that the kids have now that freezes a lot also. The couple of blog posts I have made since vacation each took about an hour to complete and then multiple tries to get it to post, so I decided to only write up the posts for Featured Shops and Handmade Featured Friday. We got the part this week and I am now finally writing using my laptop, so expect to start seeing some blog posts that I had planned on writing the last few weeks.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Handmade Featured Friday: For The Home

Thanks to everyone that shared items and everyone that checked out the items linked up last week. Now let's see the top two viewed items from Back to School week and my top two.

Top 2 Viewed Items:

 Fall dress, fox, leaves, berries, trees, peasant style, short sleeves, burgundy, polka dots, toddler dress, girls dress

Set of 3 "Apples & Pears" reusable sandwich/snackbags 

My top 2 favorite items:

Back to School or Teacher's Appreciation Gift Tags

Alphabet Soaps (26)

Now onto this week's theme. Share two For the Home themed items from your shop! 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Featured Shop Wednesday: Adore by Nat

Welcome back to a new week of Featured Shop Wednesday! This week please welcome Natalie from Adore by Nat!

Tell me a bit about yourself 
My name is Natalie, a mom and a wife. I’m the owner and artist behind Adore By Nat.


Tell me about your shop and what you make.
 My shop offers party decorations. I make favor tags, banners, cupcake toppers, door signs, napkin rings, teabag favors, invitations for any occasions such as wedding, baby shower, bridal shower, birthday etc. I still make handmade cards occasionally.

What inspires you to make what you make?
My surrounding and my clients inspire me. Most of my works are custom work. My clients have the vision and I make it happens.  

Fun Questions:

Favorite Season:Winter
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Coffee
What did you want to be when you grew up? Teacher

If you could stock your fridge with one food, what would it be? Frozen Dinners, Lol!

You can find Adore by Nat online at:
Thank you Natalie for stopping by and sharing more about your shop!  


Take a minute and go check out her shop. Come back and share with us what your favorite item or theme she has is your favorite. My personal favorite is the owls!
If you would like your shop featured please go to this link and fill out the form.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Handmade Featured Friday: Back to School

Thanks to everyone that shared items and everyone that checked out the items linked up last week. Now let's see the top two viewed items from Animal week and my top two.

Top 2 Viewed Items:

Hedgie the Hedgehog oversize fabric button bobby pins

Fox print turquoise chevon summer  Birthday Party dress. 

My top 2 favorite items:

Bird on a limb necklace by Free Spirit Handmade

Owl Wristlet Keychain by Ni-Chern Designs

Now onto this week's theme. Share two Back to School themed items from your shop! This theme can include anything from teacher themed items, back to school outfits, jewelry, or accessories, etc.