Thursday, July 3, 2014

Getting to Know Me #3

A while back I shared a post about how I started my shop here. I decided I would ask on my Facebook fan page for some questions that the fans had for me to get to know me or my shop better. Well today is the third in Getting to Know Me better series.

Tracee asks, "How do you keep organized?"
     One way I stay organized is by keeping lists everywhere. I have lists right next to my crochet stuff that helps with all my business stuff. Then I have lists in my kitchen and on an online mom forum I am part of to keep the rest of my life organized. I also made this year a information center in my kitchen that helps keep all aspects of my life organized. Here is a partial picture, can't show all because has personal information. Pictured (binders to keep school information for kids, cork boards to put important papers that need to be seen daily), and not pictured (large calendar I write what is going on daily, plain white board to write important notes and reminders to self, folders to hold work related, health, and home information)

Ashley asks, "What is your favorite craft to create?"
     I love to crochet, but the craft I enjoy the most that I do for myself is button art. Crafting for myself gives me time to relax and do something for myself, so I like to do other types of crafts. Here is some of the button art I have made this year.

LuAnne asks, "Do you listen to music while crafting, if so what kind?"
     I actually do not listen to music while crafting. Most of the time I am listening to my kids playing or if it is late at night then the tv is usually on either a baseball game, The Big Bang Theory, or repeats of Everybody Loves Raymond or The Cosby Show.

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