Monday, April 7, 2014

Bunnies On The Run

The bunnies went on the run when I tried to get their picture for the #creativedaily post today! Here is a look at them on the run.

The bunnies thought I would never find them playing with the basket full of balls.

Then they decided it was time to take a break to read a good book!

Blue Bunny decided he wanted to watch cartoons instead of reading so he snuck off.
Then they spotted this monster they wanted to check out, but they got a little to close. Ahh, help!
After getting away from the monster they decided it was time for a little nap.
The bunnies couldn't fall asleep so off they went and I caught them trying to copy themselves on the copier.
After all this excitement they told me they were a bit hungry, so they thought some cereal might be good for snack!
After snack, the bunnies jumped in the car so they could go to dance with M!