Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Week #2 of #100HAPPYDAYS

Day 8 - Ending the night with cartoons makes for a happy end of the day!

Day 9 - Watching first year videos bring back happy memories.

Day 10 - Went and bought myself some new shirts as an early birthday present which made me happy!

Day 11 - It is a happy mail day! I got my teacher order from Bugaboo Bear Designs and birthday cards from Cody and Katy! 

Day 12 - Rain is on its way! Happy it will cut down on the dust clouds from the construction behind our house.

Day 13 - Getting ready to enjoy my first lunch all by myself in 7 years! I am happy I get to enjoy this quiet.

Day 14 - A little happy treat at the end of the day!

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