Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Featured Shop: Bracelet Frenzy

I had the pleasure of winning a bracelet from Bracelet Frenzy about a month ago! My bracelet came and my 6 year old daughter immediately took off with it claiming it as hers. I snuck it back to get some pictures of it because I loved it. The bracelet is so well made and I loved that it was adjustable, so it could fit anyone perfectly. Plus, it was my favorite color!

Here is the bracelet I won! It was hard taking a photo with one hand.

Here is what the other side looks like that allows the bracelet to be adjustable!
Here is a bit about Bracelet Frenzy and the owner Sara!

I'm Sara Shingleton, owner of Bracelet Frenzy. I turn 21 this year and make Friendship Bracelets. I also enjoy reading, baking, and singing.

I got started back in 2011 when I taught myself how to make Friendship Bracelets. I probably had a dozen striped bracelets sitting around because I would make them just to do it. I'd find tutorials and teach myself how to make different patterns, such as the Chevron and eventually Hearts (which became my favorite to do). Over time, I got my friend Madison to come over and make them with me. It became our thing to do in our free time. After a few people suggested to us that we should sell them I found Storenvy and figured, why not give it a shot? It couldn't hurt to try.

As cheesy as this sounds, friendship inspires me to make these bracelets. They were traditionally made at summer camps and what not where friends would make them for each other as a sign of their friendship. You'd tie it on your best friends wrist and keep it on until it fell off on its own. Of course, I have started making mine removable. Whether with a button and a loop, or using extra cord to make it adjustable, it is now possible to take your bracelets off. Which makes it easier for those that can't wear such jewelry to work.

As I continue learning, because crafting in any form is always a continuous learning process, the bracelets gets more detailed. And I hope to be able to share those with everyone soon. Making them removing and even adding beads was all new to me at one point, and these more detailed bracelets aren't as easy as they first seem. But I can't wait to perfect them so I can share them with the world!

My traditional friendship bracelets, and the removable ones, are made with the cotton craft thread you typically find at craft stores or in the Friendship Bracelet kits. The adjustable ones are made with braiding cord, which is thicker than the craft thread. I have made a few paracord bracelets, and that is the thickest material I have dealt with.

You can find Bracelet Frenzy at the following places:
Facebook - Bracelet Frenzy
Twitter - @BraceletFrenzy
Storenvy - Bracelet Frenzy
Pinterest - Braclet Frenzy

Stop by and check out her bracelets when you get a minute!



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  1. Nice one! I like the outfit of the characters. Wish i could do the same thing too but I am not that techie. i like the outfit of “from farmer to warden”.. really interesting. unique bracelets