Thursday, January 12, 2012

Snow Day

Today was a Snow Day in our area.  The schools were closed so M did not have afternoon preschool today which she was very disappointed about because she loves school.  You might wonder why she goes to preschool since I teach her at home, and the reason is for her to have interaction with other children her age.  Her social skills of interacting with other children her age are behind so we thought a preschool that was part time might help so she goes two half days a week. We tried to go play out in the snow, but it was to windy and cold for us to be out there.  The day was spent indoors and we did a snowman project with marshmallows, and worked on cleaning and organizing the playroom/schoolroom.  I will have pictures of the project in the next couple of days up along with some of the other snowman things we have been doing. 

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