Monday, January 16, 2012

Winter Theme -Part 2

We having been working on a lot more winter activities since I last posted about them. The one thing we have needed is some real snow and we haven't gotten enough to use to play in.  Here are some of the other fun activities we did.
A worked on this Letter S size sort from 2 Teaching Mommies. He did really well recognizing the difference between the upper and lower case s.
M worked on sorting winter people by their size.  She had a little trouble telling the difference between the medium and big people at times. This was also from 2 Teaching Mommies.

Then M and A worked on positional words.  They had to place the snowman hat where the snowman said it needed to be placed.  Since M and A can't read I did work one on one with them to tell them what each snowman said. I got this printable from Living Life Intentionally.
M did this snowman size sequencing activity from Living Life Intentionally.  She found this very easy to do. I was going to have A do this but he was not very cooperative at the time, so I didn't push him to do it.
M and A's craft was these foam snowman that I found it a kit at Target at Christmas time.  They were able to choose what pieces they wanted to decorate them with. At the time I only let them decorate two each, and they enjoyed it so much they begged to make the rest so I let them make all the snowmen that came in the kit.

We still will be doing some more activities to go along with this theme over the next week to two weeks, so you will be seeing some more things we will be doing with this theme soon.

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