Wednesday, November 5, 2014

#StorenvyFlash30 Sale Favorites #2

Time to share three more shops and what I have found that I like at each of their stores. Don't forget that this #StorenvyFlash30 sale happens Cyber Monday, and you can find the whole list of stores at Lu & Ed's blog!

Up first is Lu & Ed:

Oversized Monster Trick or Treat Tote

I love this Monster Trick or Treat Tote that can be used for so much more like trips to the library to carry books. We love going to the library and this would be perfect!


Both of my kids have monsters from Lu & Ed that they love. Here is Kimlo that is all ready sold but aren't they so cute. Keep an eye out for when she stocks monsters because they go fast. 

Keep Calm and Write On 1.25 inch pinback button 

I know quite a few writers that this Keep Calm and Write On Button or Magnet would be perfect for!

Team Coffee 1.25 inch button and magnet 

I also know lots of coffee lovers that would love this Team Coffee Button or Magnet!

The last shop for today is Scrawny Girl:

Bookworm Sticker Pack

This Bookworm Sticker Packet is perfect for me since I love to read!

Postcard Set of 4: Keep Cozy Christmas Card 

Stay tuned for more fantastic favorites!

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